Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting Organized

I strongly believe one of the best things a patient can do is become organized. This is far more true if you have a chronic condition, and will have multiple doctors. I spent all day Saturday printing out forms, journaling papers, and various other documents to help at doctor appointments.

Blogging day! 
This is my beautiful Trapper Keeper that I have designed to fulfill my various needs. I have forms subdivided by type, a small journal when I do not have access to my journaling pages, and a notebook with questions to ask doctors.

Trapper Keepers

I created these pages since I could not find them online. 

A very useful pain chart. 
The actual page is rather large. Open word and adjust the size to save on paper and ink. 

This is the question journal I had written up. The questions came from one of my support groups. 

It is incredibly important to keep all of your records together.
Ask for all print outs, and any image CD's. 

The next two images come from WebMD. 
WebMD has many forms that can come in handy. 

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