Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

Yo, VIP, let's kick it! Ice Ice BabyIce Ice Baby. Now that I have that utterly ridiculous song stuck in your head let me get down to the meat of my post. As previously mentioned I have cape pain. This pain is caused by nerve pain. Tonight, the pain is insane in my chest. I have tried one remedy after another, and only one remedy has not failed! ICE! Yes, while I was carefully implanting that song into your brain I was sitting here covered in ice. Sometimes I leave an ice pack on for a few minutes, and other times for 20 minutes. I use a homemade reusable ice pack, so I never run out of ice. If you are suffering from nerve pain I would suggest giving ice a try, and see if it may ease your pain. Also, remember what works for one person may not work for others. Comment below if you have tried ice, and share some tips on how you have relieved nerve pain. 

Homemade Ice Pack (I use a foodsaver to make mine)

Foodsaver ice pack cut to size
1:2 ratio of water to rubbing alcohol (If you use one cup water use two cups of rubbing alcohol)
Food coloring, optional and only a couple of drops 

Remove as much as possible by using the foodsaver. Seal and you are done. 

I have had the same ice packs for nearly two years, and they are not only a money saver, but a lifesaver! 

Welcome to my journey.

I created this blog in hopes of not only letting people into my journey, but also to help inform other patients, caregivers, or family members know more about the disorder. Yes, this is my journey, but a lot of what I go through many Chiari patients also experience. I also have Syringomyelia, degenerative disc disease, and a compressed thecal sac. If you have not figured out this creates a considerable amount of daily pain. I only recently discovered I have these disorders through MRI's, and a lot of heartache. At first doctors blamed my symptoms on Fibromyalgia, and later a possible diagnosis of MS. It was not until the possible diagnosis of MS that through an MRI Chiari was discovered. Then later it was an MRI on my entire spine, and this was when the other disorders were discovered. I believe that I have had this illness my entire life, but only recently (late 20's) that it became worse, and then in my 30's the pain became nearly unbearable. I have what they call CAPE pain, the pain radiates into my chest, around my ribs, and on both sides of my shoulders. I have a rare symptom of auditory and visual hallucinations. I trip over my own feet, and sometimes I can not walk. I am often beyond words tired. The pain wakes me up at night. I also have heart palpations. Despite, everything I go through I find beauty in everyday life. I love life. I love life so much that I am even going to school to be a geologist! Yes, despite everything I find time to go to school for something I love.